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Cricket Club

The Weobley Cricket Club is no more, but long live Burghill, Tillington & Weobley Cricket Club!


Not long ago Weobley fielded two cricket teams, but increasingly we struggled to field even one team - indeed, we could not have done so without the help of the Burghill & Tillington Club who have lent us players. Then Burghill & Tillington had three teams as well as a share of our team, but there were occasions when they too had insufficient players and played with only nine or ten players.

As a result it was decided that Weobley CC and Burghill & Tillington CC should merge to form Burghill, Tillington & Weobley CC. Now the club will field three teams: the first two teams will play in the Worcester League; the third team will play in the GB Liners Marches League and will play on Weobley High School's ground.


 I should also like to play tribute to Steve de Souza, the Chairman of Burghill & Tillington CC, and to Derrick Jones, Vice Chair of the GB Liners Marches League, without whose help and co-operation the merger  would not have been possible.

As far as  Weobley is concerned, what's important about the merger is that those cricketers who have kept the game alive in the village for the past few years will be able to continue playing in Weobley and for a side that will continue to carry the Weobley name.

Martin Peacock (Former Chairman of Weobley CC)


The Chairman of the combined forces of the three villages is Steve de Souze and you can contact him on 01432 356309 or stevedesouza@hotmail.co.uk.  The team plays at Brick House Farm, Tillington, HR4 8LL.  

If you are a junior or senior cricketer and want to join our vibrant cricket club, please contact stevedesouza@hotmail.co.uk.  Alternatively you can come to our picturesque ground on Wednesday evenings if you are a junior or on Thursdays if you are a senior.

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