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Weobley & District Gardening Society

How it Started

Formed several years ago as the Weobley Gardening Society, the title was changed to the Weobley and District Gardening Society to encourage gardeners form outside the village.  We usually have a Spring Show in April and a Summer Show in August where everyone, not just members, is welcome to submit entries.

There is a programme of talks from September to April, two shows and various outings to gardens and places of interest. We meet in Hopelands, Weobley Village Hall for all talks and meetings, on the second Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm.

Our outings this year were:

In June we went to Peter and Sue Russell at Byecroft. This is a very nice garden (she also opens for the NGS) and delicious refreshments.

On June 29th we visited Jack Willgoss. He was a speaker on perennial violas at an earlier meeting. We also went into his now fully restored glass houses, a masterpiece of restoration. It would be nice to visit again in say 5 years time when he is more fully established.

The last summer outing was to Charlecote Park. A beautifully restored Elizabethan  House set in parkland. We were rewarded with an excellent view of the deer. They were seated beneath a tree only yards from us. Below the house is the river Avon and we could see trout of all sizes in the water. Charlecote is a NT property and we can highly recommend it to anyone wondering where to go for a day out.For details of these events please click on the "What's on" section of this website.

If you are a gardener or merely interested in gardening please contact Anne Cole 01544 318260 for more information. Email: coleanne@sky.com

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