Welcome to Weobley - The Jewel in the Crown of Herefordshire’s Black and White Villages

Weobley & District Local History Society

How it Started

The Society was established in 1972 by a group of villagers who were interested in the history of the village of Weobley. One of the first things they did was to acquire some local carvings and panelling from Millington House, a 16c building pulled down in c1840, situated where the bus shelter now stands. 

We meet at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall on the fourth Wednesday of each month from September to April (inclusive. We also organise visits to more distant locations of historical interest in May, June and July.

Membership is £10 per year single or £15 per year for a couple, payable by January 31st. You can download a membership registration form from this site. 

Our museum and local history centre is located in Back Lane, Weobley, it is open from Easter Monday until October. (Please see the Museum page for details).

Since the establishment of the Society in 1972, the museum and it's contents have continued to expand, until in the late 1970's permission was given by the Council to use the room at the Old Magistrates Court as a museum. The museum was opened in October 1980 by Sir John Cotterell, a second adjoining room was opened in 1993.

Our recent summer excursions have included the excavations at Longtown and Ponthendre Castles and a walk through the Foxley Estate to hear about the Polish Resettlement Camp.

Areas of Interest

Although the Society's main interests are directed towards the history of the ancient borough of Weobley and the neighbouring villages, it often explores other aspects of our social history.

During winter and spring, monthly meetings are held at Hopelands, Weobley’s Village Hall, on local and general historical matters.

Members receive a periodical newsletter. Our principal publications being the Weobley Village History Trail and the book 'I Remember', recollections of villagers from the 1960's and 1970's.

The Society promotes research in the history and archaeology of Weobley and districts.

Herefordshire Local History Day School
The Society participates in this annual event, encouraging those interested in the local history of the county, to meet, share interests and examine historical themes in depth, with exhibits produced by members and other societies.


Brian Holley (Chairman) 01544 318789

Chris Jennings (Treasurer) 01544 319190

Mrs Pat Millington (Secretary) on 01544 319330 email: pat.mil@btinternet.com

Prof. George Nash (President)


Future Events

24th January 7.30 at the Village Hall. Brian Hatton, The Harrow and the Plough. Speaker: Robin Thorndyke

28th February 7.30 at the Village Hall. Witchcraft, Magic and the Devil in the 16th and 17th centuries. Speaker: Prof. Darren Oldridge

28th March 7.30 at the Village Hall. AGM Speaker TBA

25th April 7.30 at the Village Hall. A Family Business. Speaker: Maggie Waldman

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