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Welcome to Weobley

Jewel in the Crown of the Black & White villages

Bridge Club; Home


Bridge is Fun is still the name of our Club, and the style that we play at Ledgemoor each Thursday evening.   We’ve been having this Fun for about 20 years. Usually we have between 5 and 8 tables - 20 or 30 people turning up, mostly on time for 7pm at the Clubroom, to play till round about 10.   For most people who are newcomers to competitive Duplicate Bridge it’s a bit of a shock to have to play a little quicker than they’re used to at home, but we soon have them up to speed - in both senses.


The term Duplicate means that each hand you play is played also by people seated at the other tables round the room.   This is achieved by putting the cards in front of you as you play, rather than throwing them into the middle of the table to be collected as a trick.   At the end you write down your result, then return the cards to a compartment in a “board”, which can be passed on to be played again by others, who will look at your score after they've played and wonder what on earth went on when you played it!   At the end the one in charge (me usually) notes down who played it most successfully, and least successfully and all points between.   Usually (laptop computer) there is a result after 10 minutes; otherwise it’s worked out by me overnight.   I generally phone the winners, and you might have read them the following Thursday inside the back page of the Hereford Times.


At Christmas we have a Party - drinks by us, food by everyone else - and once a year we have a trophy competition that covers a month in spring.   There’s an annual competition too against the Club at Lyonshall.   Also there is a Charity evening every three months, when we pay 50p extra - all proceeds to the Alzheimer's Society.


These days people are demanding more from their leisure time.   Bridge is a game that is emerging from obscurity and poor image. Should you be giving it a try?   If you’re already a player at home you’d be very welcome to come along on a Thursday evening at 7pm to Ledgemoor Clubroom.   £2.50 for the evening (coffee included), and there’s a standby (me) to play with you if you turn up without a partner.   I can be quite kind!


If you don’t play but would like to know more (our most recent regular players learned just a few years ago) then contact Tibb and George Richardson (01544-318764 or email: monserrato45@portlandtwo.plus.com).  

Be prepared for a life of constant but pleasurable frustration!


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