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The digging may be over, but the discoveries keep on coming.


We'll be presenting the results from the BIG DIG on Monday 25th September (7.30pm) at the Village Hall, when Tim Hoverd, the Hereford Archeology Projects Manager, will be telling us about what was found.

Hidden under our feet

It's been exciting to uncover a lost world of human stories just a few shovelfuls right beneath our feet. At the Weobley BIG DIG we're already discovering treasures that we have been living right on top of without realising it. We've already discovered clues about what might have been in the Village centuries ago, and are now dating the things that we find.

We asked you to get involved ...and you didn't disappoint

  • Over 80 people volunteered for the Big Dig.
  • 23 landowners volunteered to have pits dig in their gardens, alongh with the school and the scouts who dug their own pits.
  • 37 volunteered to excavate
  • 25 volunteered to man the Visitor Centre
  • 16 volunteered to helped with refreshments
  • 13 volunteered to helped with the exhibition
  • 19 volunteered to helped with stewarding
  • 17 volunteered to helped in the Museum
  • 8 volunteered to helped display finds
  • and a staggering 46 volunteered to clean finds.

The Weobley BIG DIG was made possible by the generous support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund to whom we are extremely grateful, along with a band of amazing volunteers. Thank you to you all.