Visiting Weobley

Take a self-guided trail around historic Weobley

In medieval times Weobley was known as a flourishing market town whose wealth came from wool, known locally as Leominster Ore. It was also known for its ale, glove and nail making. Weobley’s fortunes waxed and waned over the years and with no railway or canal connectipons, the industrial revolution passed Weobley by which led to great poverty. However, it left a legacy of beautiful timber framed houses, many of which still stand and today Weobley is at the heart of a thriving agricultural industry.

The Weobley Heritage Trail will take you on a passage through time, exploring how mediaeval traders sold their wares through unglazed windows onto the street and point out what architectural features to look for in the many building styles found throughout the village. The Trail follows plaques placed at points of interest that explain about the building structure and what would have happened there in times past. Not only is the trail free, but you will find out where the term “hitting the sack” came from and what an “under dog” really is.

You will see where King Charles I stayed after he releaved Hereford from Cromwell's troops during the Civil War and the impressive memorial dedicated to Col. John Birch who later re-took Hereford that same year for Cromwell using a small party of men cleverly disguised as ice breakers as they crossed the frozen River Wye.

Explore the Weobley circular walk - 3 miles / 4.8 km

  • Stiles: 2
  • Gates: 21 (including 12 kissing gates)
  • Steps: 0
  • Narrow bridges: 2
  • No steep slopes

We downloaded the Trail from the internet, which was simple to follow, with plenty of information boards around the village to direct us to the next point of interest. What a feast of black and white architecture, and everywhere so beautifully kept."

be part of the world's largest treasure hunt

Geocaching in Weobley

Start from the car park in Bell Square.  Walk past the Lal Bagh Indian Restaurant and turn right into the centre of the village.  Free maps of the Weobley Heritage Trail with added information may be downloaded using the button below or from The Old School Shop.  Start from the information board at the bus stop.

Geocache reference : GC4X38Y

The cache is NOT at the published point.  This is the point from which to start your walk round the village. 

Weobley Castle Mound

Weobley Castle (belived to be of Motte and Bailey construction, similar to its more famous cousin Windsor Castle) was thought to have been built soon after the Norman conquest at the end of the 11th century by Roger de Lacy or his brother Hugh. In 1138 King Stephen took Weobley Castle from Geoffrey Talbot and it then changed hands many times over the next few centuries. However, it was first properly recorded in the Pipe Rolls of 1186 when it was in the hands of King Henry II. All that remains now is a grassy mound but it's great to image what it would have looked like in the past.

Museum & Local History Centre

The Museum and Local History Centre can be found in what was once Weobley's Magistrates Court and Police Station, adjacent to the Library and run by the Weobley and District Local History Society and staffed by stewards, all of whom are volunteers. 

Whilst the Museum is open only on selected days each month, it is still possible to meet one of the curators by appointment for specific enquiries. Contact Sue Hubbard on [email protected] or Carole Page on [email protected]

We try to put on show as much of our material that has been collected over the years as we can and regularly change the exhibits and our museum stewards will do their best to answer any questions you may have about our local history. If you would like to see any particular documents or artefacts that may be held in storage, we happy to arrange access for you, but  the curators do require advanced written notice.

Image by Amanda Apps

How to find us . . .

By Bus - from Hereford train station. This route takes you through Credenhill and as you begin to approach Weobley, the Church spire seems to rise out of the ground. Click here for a time table of the buses that visit Weobley.

By Car or by Bicycle - about 12 miles north and slightly west of Hereford. Take the B4230 off the Roman Road. This takes you via the village of Tillington, past The Herefordshire Golf Club and along the rolling slopes of grassland that surrorung the area. If you are using SatNav, set your destination for HR4 8SA which will bring you into the heart of our village and where the Heritage Trail begins.

.... and a few places to visit nearby

we hope you enjoy your time in Weobley and all it has to offer, but before you leave the area why not visit some of the other places of local interest that can be found nearby.

Lower Hurst, Weobley, HR4 8QY. Tel: (01544) 318334

Email: [email protected].

Herefordshire Raceway is a 600 metre outdoor track, located near the village of Weobley, and surrounded by beautiful Herefordshire countryside.  It’s the perfect place to experience go-karting, whether it’s a fun day out, a launching pad for the next Lewis Hamilton or just a thrill of a lifetime

Raven's Causeway, Wormsley, HR4 8LY. Tel: (01432) 83021

Set amongst unsurpassed rural splendour. This is the hidden gem of golf in the Midlands. The Club provides comfortable changing accommodation and an excellent Clubhouse in which to wine and dine. Visitors are welcome and are assured of a friendly reception.

The Church of St Mary lies within an ancient sacred enclosure marked by the ring of yew trees which encircle the churchyard wall. The origins of Christian use of the site are unknown, but the current church building dates back to at least the 12thcentury. It is the last resting place of John Abell “the most celebrated architect of his time” according to the chronicles of the noted 17thcentury antiquarian Thomas Blount. John Abell’s charming little Grammar School is in Weobley and on the Heritage Trail.

Farm Shop and Pick Your Own, Tillington, HR4 8LS. Tel: (01432) 760271  Court Farm has two, one and a half acre pools, both are in beautiful quiet surroundings. They are well stocked with common and mirror carp. Both pools have approx 40 pegs. Night Fishing is available on the specimen pool. Tel: (01432) 760271 Learn to mountainboard at Ironsides Court Farm. For more information call: 07766 693829

Pembridge, Nr. Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9ED Tel: (01544) 388653

The Pleck, Monkland, Leominster, HR6 9DB Tel: (01568) 720307

Lucton, Leominster, Herefordshire.HR6 9PE Tel: (01568) 708820

Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3AG Tel: (01544) 230160

Nr Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0DW Tel: (01568) 615721


Experience the quieter pace of life of Herefordshire's quintessential 'Black & White' English village